Our Company

Our love for the sea began in 1986 when we acquired our first motor boat a few feet long. With the acquisition of a professional navigation license, we have acquired the second vessel with which we faithfully served shipping in the northern Aegean.

In the wheelhouse of the vessel, and with great experience in the field, we operated as a taxi on Kavala, Thassos, Lemnos, Agios Efstratios and on almost all known beaches of the prefecture of Halkidiki.

With the modern open (then) boat, and at the service of the Port Authority of Kavala, we have also acted as instructors in young captains of motor boats, having demonstrated consistency and professionalism.

With our modern boat NANA YACHT, at your disposal with a captain, we guarantee your trips to the beautiful beaches of the northern Aegean, with safety and comfort.


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About Our Yachts

With comfortable and comfortable cabins, which can accommodate 6 people, along with 2 others in the deck on the deck.

With a kitchen and a bathroom that can cater to your every need either in a harbor or in an anchorage, to enjoy private moments of relaxation.

A charter boat in Greece does not cost more than a stay in a hotel room on land. You can experience the magic of the Aegean in your floating villa, cruise hundreds of miles of picturesque and not very crowded coastline and cool off with a dip in crystal clear waters.

Think of the options that you have to travel to the Aegean waters and then come to Bow2Greece for the choice that no one else offers.

With our captains, with the tremendous experience in space, pleasure boats and above all on the Greek coasts of the North Aegean, we guarantee the safety of your holidays.

With all the necessary rescues and means provided by the European regulation.