The best yacht trip I’ve had in years, myself and a friend rented the super yacht package and sailed from Prinos Port of Thasos. The staff at Yacht Charter are professional and exceeding my expectations.

Mike Jones - Weekend Yacht Charter

The trip of a life time! I cannot recommend yacht charter’s services enough, the week long voyage was magical. One minor issue though was the toilet did break multiple times which meant we had to use a bucket, but other than that it was great!

Νίκος Οικονομίδης - Παρέα 6 άτομα

I cannot fault the crew who were excellent at sailing the boat, they didn’t crash once which was a small miracle given the amount of rocks everywhere, bravo and I look forward to next time!

Maria Gold - Adventure Yacht Charter

Overall a great boat trip, my only irregularity was that we were not prepared for the cold of the evening of June. Fortunately, the captain had a lot of stuff for us all. The next time we get ready!

Tony & Tracy Biffer - 3 Day Yacht Charter

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